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How to wash your sportswear?

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We are sure you want to keep your sportswear fresh and new for longer. You can do so by taking better care of it and washing it the right way.

To help you take better care of your beloved gym clothes, we have given you a step-by-step guide for the best way to wash your sportswear.

1. Let your sportswear dry out from sweat before washing

When you take your sportswear off, hang it somewhere so that it can dry out. This will make it easier to clean as your laundry basket and gym bag is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and you don’t want bacteria to form on your sportswear.

2. Once dry, place your sportswear inside out in your washing machine.

Sweat and dirt is mainly found on the inside of your sportswear. By turning the item inside out, you can wash away the sweat and odor-causing bacteria more effectively.

3. Wash your sportswear with similar items

Adding clothing with different materials to the washing machine along with your workout clothes can harm your sportswear. Washing sportswear with ‘heavy’ materials can cause friction to the lighter-weight sportswear during the spin cycle.

4. Wash your sportswear in cold water

The fabric in your sportswear doesn’t react well to heat, as this can cause the elasticity of the fabric to break down, and it can make the color fade. The ideal temperature for washing your sportswear is 30 °C.

5. Do not use any fabric softener or bleach

The chemical agents in fabric softener and bleach can destroy the sweat-wicking properties of your sportswear and can affect the colour of the fabric.

6. Let your sportswear air dry and don’t use a dryer

As already mentioned, high heat and sportswear fabric are not a good combination. Leave your items to air-dry on a rack. This will keep them fresher for longer while also avoiding shrinkage.

7. Pay attention to the care label

Alongside these tips, make sure to refer to the care label and follow the instructions on it.

We hope that our how-to-wash-your-sportswear guide will help you keep your sportswear looking new and fresh for longer.

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